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David R. Walsh
Financial Advisor

David and Bill Brody formed Brody, Walsh & Brody, in 1980 to provide employee benefits and arrange various insurance products in estate and business succession plans. They have incorporated into their practice some powerful resources, including the Nautilus Group's staff of law, taxation, and insurance professionals. David is a Member Agent of The Nautilus Group®, a service of New York Life Insurance Company.

To better serve the expanding needs of his clients David affiliated with Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, in 1999. By combining the Eagle Strategies’ and Nautilus Group’s resources, David may offer a more holistic financial planning alternative addressing retirement, and survivor capital requirements in the context of a comprehensive estate and business succession or exit strategy. Clients engage David’s process to better crystallize their business and personal financial objectives and to take the appropriate action. Prior to joining New York Life in 1970, he spent four years in human resources. He is a Life and Qualifying member of the MDRT*, the Association of Advanced Life Underwriters and a past President of the San Francisco Life Underwriters Association.

David and his wife Patsy have three daughters, Meghan, Katie and Shannon and live in Greenbrae, California. He was born in Salem, Massachusetts, and graduated from St. Lawrence University.

*The Million Dollar Round Table, the Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is recognized globally as the standard of excellence for life insurance sales performance in the insurance and financial services industry.

Our Planning Resources

The Nautilus Group


Our Alliances

The Nautilus Group®

The Nautilus Group®

As a Member Agent of The Nautilus Group®, a service of New York Life Insurance Company, David R. Walsh works hand-in-hand with Nautilus professionals experienced in taxes, law, life insurance, accounting, and charitable giving. This relationship helps ensure you benefit from some of the most sound thinking when it comes to your estate.

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Eagle Strategies, LLC

Eagle Strategies, LLC

Through Eagle Strategies, David R. Walsh and Kathleen Emerling provides fee-based financial planning, investment advisory services and access to investment management programs. Eagle Strategies LLC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an "Investment Adviser" and is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life.

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Ash Brokerage

Ash Brokerage

Ash Brokerage is an unaffiliated privately-owned family-operated insurance brokerage general agency. Ash provides us with a multitude of products and support for life insurance, long-term care, disability income, and annuities, not available through New York Life or its subsidiaries. Our partnership with Ash complements our mission to provide our clients with objective solutions to suit their individual needs.

New York Life

New York Life

David R. Walsh and Kathleen Emerling and their fellow financial professionals are proud to be affiliated with New York Life Insurance Company. New York Life and its wholly-owned subsidiaries provide life insurance, annuities, long-term care insurance, and mutual funds. A mutual insurance company, New York Life is the largest mutual individual life insurance company in the United States* and holds the highest possible financial strength ratings currently awarded to any life insurer from all four of the major credit rating agencies: A.M. Best (A++), Fitch (AAA), Moody’s Investor Service (Aaa), Standard & Poor’s (AA+). (Source: Individual independent rating agency commentary as of 7/30/2018)

Based on revenue as reported by "Fortune 500, Ranked within Industries: Insurance: Life, Health (Mutual)." Fortune Magazine, 6/1/18. See the ranking here.

The Nautilus Group® is an exclusive resource accessible to Member Agents working with affluent, high net worth and business owner clients. Nautilus provides a range of consultative services and technical case design to support its Member Agents in presenting estate, business, charitable, insurance and retirement strategies to their clients and their clients’ advisors in these key areas: Family Protection, Estate and Legacy Planning, Business Succession and Exit Planning, Executive Benefits, and Philanthropy.

Since every client has unique requirements, The Nautilus Group® staff and its Member Agents employ an individualized case development strategy, working on a team basis with the clients’ professional advisors.

Member Agents of The Nautilus Group®, through their expertise and commitment to this team approach, can provide resources, services and solutions that help their clients work with their own professional advisors to attain clarity on their financial situation and also help achieve their business and estate planning objectives.

This consultative process fosters an understanding between the client, the Nautilus Member Agent, and the client’s circle of advisors. Working hand in hand with the Nautilus staff, Member Agents present their clients with state-of-the-art planning strategies and customized case analyses designed to meet the clients’ complex objectives. The one-on-one case design process used by Nautilus is tailored to the unique requirements of each client, achieving a better understanding of the complex needs and goals of each individual.

The Nautilus Group® is located in Dallas, TX and is staffed by an elite team of professionals experienced in law, taxation, accounting, business, insurance, finance and philanthropic planning. This team provides dedicated support for Nautilus Member Agents, an elite group of experienced insurance and financial industry leaders, firmly committed to a team planning concept.

The Nautilus Group® is a service of New York Life Insurance Company. Neither The Nautilus Group®, its member agents, nor its staff provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Clients are urged to seek the advice of their own professional advisors before implementing any planning strategies.

Eagle Strategies LLC


Circle of Services

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Financial Planning

Noteworthy businesses usually have a Chief Financial Officer who monitors and manages the company's financial activities. At Brody, Walsh & Brody, we understand that successful people need similar support, and we provide "Personal CFO" services to help plan, manage and oversee our clients' finances.

We understand that as your assets increase, the number of questions and options available to you can become overwhelming. Our objective is to develop customized financial strategies based on your specific needs, goals, and risk tolerances. We then provide management and oversight to ensure that the agreed upon plan of action is implemented correctly and efficiently, and we maintain an open line of communication between you and your other advisors including CPA's and attorneys.

With over 40 years of experience, we can offer you a vast depth of experience and insight to help you navigate your journey. At Brody, Walsh & Brody, we put not only our own considerable experience to work on your behalf, but also the knowledge of the elite team of Nautilus Group professionals experienced in taxes, law, life insurance, accounting, and philanthropic planning. This coordinated approach helps ensure that all areas are considered in order to formulate the right course of action for you.

When you work with Brody, Walsh & Brody, you can rest assured that you have a trusted ally in your corner. We will get to know you and your goals, and the things that are important to you will always be at the center of our planning process.

Life In A Box

Life in a box

Business Solutions

Here at Brody, Walsh & Brody, we offer a wide array of services to help business owners address their financial needs at every stage of the business life cycle. Taking into account their personal values and financial goals, we create and execute customized plans to help entrepreneurs meet their objectives. Some of our key services are detailed below.

Executive Benefits

The success of most businesses is tied into the talent, passion and work ethics of their key executives. Executive benefit packages can help you attract, motivate, and retain high-caliber employees and keep your company healthy and stable. We can help you with non-qualified plans, supplemental employee retirement plans, split dollar plans, and more.

Employee Benefits

Selecting the right benefit package is becoming increasingly important in retaining the best employees, and keeping them productive. We strive to know and understand your complete financial situation and provide you with the highest quality of information, products, and services to help you reach your goals. Our clients rest assured knowing that we always have their interests at heart.

Focusing on your objectives, budget and culture, we work with you to custom design your group benefits, qualified retirement plans, and voluntary benefits plans to address your employees’ unique needs. Our strong relationships with insurers enable us to effectively represent your employees to ensure claims and issues are resolved promptly.

Succession Planning

Succession planning allows owners to leave their business on their own timeframe while preparing their company to be transferred to family members, key employees, an outside party, or even a charity. This must be done in a way that achieves personal financial security, maintains harmony, and achieves maximum value for the business.

Key Person Insurance

Key person life insurance offers a death benefit that indemnifies an employer for the loss of one of its most important assets - the key person. This can help assure continuity of the business for employees, customers and creditors, and protects against losses in sales, momentum, and credit. It can also be used to recruit and develop a replacement for the employee.

Buy-Sell Agreements

A buy–sell agreement is a legally binding agreement between co-owners of a business that governs the situation if a co-owner dies or leaves the business, whether by force or by choice. A funded cross-purchase buy-sell plan utilizes life insurance to ensure that the arrangement is properly funded so that there will be money when the event is triggered.

Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation is a written agreement between an employer and an employee where the employee chooses to have part of his or her compensation withheld by the company, invested on their behalf, and distributed back to them at a pre-determined point in the future. Deferred compensation can be used as a flexible way to attract and incentivize key employees.

Personal Solutions

Brody, Walsh & Brody provides individuals and families with innovative, cutting-edge products and services to help them grow, protect and conserve their wealth through all stages in life. Taking into account your needs, goals and tolerance to risk, we will work with you to bring clarity to where you’re going and how to get there. Some of our key services are detailed below.

Estate Planning

A well-engineered estate conservation plan can minimize tax liability and ensure that loved ones are protected. We will work with you and your other advisors to assess the impact of state and federal taxes on your estate and suggest strategies to help minimize those taxes while meeting your personal philosophies and family needs.

Financial Planning

Our Eagle Strategies IARs can provide personalized financial planning to our clients that is specific to several variables including their income, risk tolerance, values, and family. We work with each client to identify and prioritize their goals, explore options, establish effective strategies, construct and execute a plan, and assess the performance of the plan and make adjustments as needed.

Asset Protection

There are numerous financial strategies and retirement income plans that can help you accumulate assets for the future, shield your business and personal assets from liabilities, and safeguard asset transfer to children and grandchildren. We can help you figure out what the right course of action is for your specific situation and objectives.

Investment Management

Managing your wealth requires a clear understanding of your overall investment objectives. Through Eagle Strategies LLC, our comprehensive investment advisory capabilities utilize a disciplined investment approach that looks beyond traditional asset allocation, while addressing important factors such as risk tolerance levels and investment time horizons.

Disability and Long Term Care

To execute a sound retirement strategy, asset and income protection are a must. Designing a plan that encompasses long term care insurance and disability insurance can create the necessary balance in a portfolio to ensure stability and protection of assets.

401(k) and IRA Rollovers

When you leave a job or retire, you have a decision to make regarding your 401(k) money. While leaving those assets in the former employer’s plan is an option, a rollover should be a strong consideration. We can help you determine the right course of action for you.

Charitable Planning

Charitable planning allows you to support the organizations and causes that matter to you, while providing immediate income streams and reducing your tax burden. Numerous charitable giving strategies exist, and we can help you design and execute a charitable giving plan that is in alignment with your personal and philanthropic goals.

Wealth Management and Retirement Planning

We work with our clients to design and implement a variety of accumulation and retirement income plans, offering insurance products, investment programs ranging from separately managed portfolios of stocks and bonds to mutual funds, and access to third-party wealth management programs through our relationship with Eagle Strategeis, LLC. We offer a consistent process to ensure management of investment assets according to your risk tolerances and expected returns investment goals. We then monitor your plan on a continual basis, and adjust and evolve as your needs change.

Life Plan For Your Business

You’ve put your heart and soul into building your business. Now, you can reenergize it with Life plan — a process that through David Walsh's affiliation with The Nautilus Group®, Brody, Walsh & Brody uses to help ensure stability and success on the road ahead. Built on a unique six-step process, Life plan focuses on achieving your short- and long-term goals by carefully examining every aspect of your business and presenting you with smart planning options. Each segment builds on the last, helping you plan for unexpected events. Don’t get caught unprepared ? start rejuvenating your business with Life plan today.

Life Cycle Process Graphic

The Life Plan Process

Life plan for your business is an exclusive process used only by member agents of The Nautilus Group®, a service of New York Life Insurance Company. The principal strategy behind Life plan is to be able to provide the small business owner with tools that focus around growth, risk management and profitability. Through David's membership in the Nautilus Group®, Brody, Walsh & Brody is able to provide you with proven ways to look at your business and turn risk into opportunities.

Step One: Project Your Goals

In order to get started with Life plan it is critical first to project your goals. We have created a very simple, 10 question scorecard that will help identify areas that can turn risk into opportunity on topics like diversity of assets, dependence, and protection. The goal is to identify the value drivers of your business, enhance the areas where you already excel, and look for opportunities that can help grow your bottom line.

Step Two: Needs Analysis

The next step in Life plan is to perform a very simple needs analysis – the purpose of the needs analysis is to answer a very simple question that will one day be of paramount importance to you: If you sold today is it enough? Our simple needs analysis will provide you based on your projections how you much money you can expect each year in retirement once you leave the business. This analysis becomes the starting point on how Brody, Walsh & Brody can help you plan to leave your business on your terms.

Step Three: Business Valuation

After running an analysis of how much you think the business is worth the next step in proper Life planning is to value your business. A business valuation is a critical step that can establish a baseline of value that can allow us to determine if there is a gap between what you thought the business is worth and now what we know to be its actual value. The purpose of a business valuation is to get some critical business succession and protection mechanisms in place to ensure your business can continue to flourish and grow.

Step Four: Marketability Assessment

After the valuation has been completed it is time to define how we can improve the value of the business and how we go about doing this. We have created a marketability assessment that looks at the key risk, growth and profitability aspects of your business. This assessment is very similar to the key points of your business that a firm performing due diligence would look at prior to purchase. We have learned that in order to fix a problem in your business you have to know that one exists. This simple process, starting with some basic questions and doing a careful look at your last 3-5 years financials gives Brody, Walsh & Brody the tools to determine what areas of improvement will give you the best value for your time and money.

Step Five: Design Optimal Solutions

In having a business valuation or marketability assessment completed Brody, Walsh & Brody now has an excellent understanding of the value drivers of your business. We can come up with some suggestions on business solutions that might work best for your business based on best practices in your industry. The next step is to work on creating solutions that can maximize value and minimize your time wondering “am I doing the best I can for my family and my business”. Brody, Walsh & Brody has a team of attorneys and financial professionals at The Nautilus Group® that can help design these state of the art solutions for both your business and estate.

Step Six: Implement and Monitor Plan

The last step in the Life plan is to implement and monitor your plan. The goal is to have a comprehensive plan in place that will cover you for all the unforeseen events that can happen in both business and life. We will look at all critical aspects of your business like your balance sheet, cash-flow, operational documents etc. and make sure we have a forward looking plan to both protect you and your business for the long haul.

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